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"Wings of Mackinac tries to make the conservatory a tropical environment that is both friendly to the butterflies and an enjoyable experience to the public. All ages can enjoy seeing hundreds of tropical and native butterflies beautifully dancing among lush plants, water fountains while sitting and taking in the gorgeous scenery around you and witnessing this unbelievable display of butterflies flying all around you."

Marie Hulett

Releasing butterflies

Staff releasing butterflies


Wings of Mackinac first opened in 1997. In 2002 our new location at Surrey Hills enabled us to partner with Carriage Tours to be an option on the carriage tour of Mackinac Island.

We always try to offer something new in the conservatory. It is nice to have many repeat tourists and friends, but we want them to leave having enjoyed a different experience at Wings, and to have learned and enjoyed their time with us, leaving with a happy heart.

Deciding to open a Butterfly Conservatory in Northern Michigan came from a lifelong interest in nature and the desire to teach both children and adults that we must appreciate and respect our natural environment. Even though they are insects, butterflies are loved by all ages and are considered the ambassadors to our rainforests and to everything beautiful in the world around us.

Over the years we have also been joined in the conservatory by finches, an Ornate Box Turtle named Gennie, a Scarlet McCaw named The Mackinac Jewel, or “Mackie J,” whom we had since she was born, Cammie, our chameleon who loved hiding in our pockets, two goats named Surrey and Pierre, tree frogs, and of course “Summer" my Papillion who still goes to work with me everyday for the past thirteen years. She believes she is one of the employees.

I have worked with so many wonderful people in the industry whom I consider my friends. They were so helpful in getting me started. The happy faces and excitement while in the conservatory and knowing I am bringing a peaceful learning experience to the public is why so many of us stay in this field. Even my employees have ventured different career paths after working at Wings of Mackinac. I can’t think of a better place than Mackinac Island to share the butterflies and learn about the beauty right in our backyard.

Releasing new butterflies


Our Employees

Marie and Staff at Wings of Mackinac

2018 Lilac Parade

Family Visit

Last day of the season – 2018

“Summer” our Papillon (butterfly) mascot

Atlas Moth

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine. Jeffrey Glassberg